About the Club

Our Mission

The American Cobberdog Club was created by a group of passionate breeders to promote the American line of Cobberdogs. Our goal is to continue developing and promoting the breed according to our high American breed standards with transparency and integrity.

The ACC’s mission is to bring Cobberdog owners, enthusiasts, and breeders together through education, resources, and mentorship in order to foster a community in which the breed will flourish.

What is an American Cobberdog?

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A breed that is tolerated by many people with allergies

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A breed who is under the guidance of breeders who are dedicated to lowering the health issues of their predecessors

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A breed that is very people oriented and easy to train

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A breed that is low to no shed

Why “American” Cobberdog?

The founders of the American Cobberdog club fell in love with the exceptional temperament and qualities of the foundation dogs from the early 2000s. Their vision since then has been to preserve these qualities through selective breeding and function based decisions.

Though similar in some ways, the American Cobberdog is genetically different than the Australian Cobberdog and is not associated with the MDBA.

Our Founders

Suzanne Goodwin outside with two cobberdogs

Suzanne Goodwin

Haydenville, MA

Suzanne Goodwin

Suzanne started breeding in 2004. Her proactive and integrative breeding program specializes in American Cobberdogs suitable for therapy work. Many of the puppies she raised have gone worldwide to work in animal-assisted therapy programs.  She is the author of The Whole Puppy, A Handbook For Raising and Understanding Your Soft-Natured Companion.

Calli Prendergast at the vet with two cobberdogs

Calli Prendergast

Northborough, MA

Calli Prendergast

Calli Prendergast, in addition to breeding some of the finest companion and therapy dogs, focuses on providing puppies for service work. Many of her dogs have gone on to work as diabetes alert dogs, service dogs for people with special needs and many comfort does for people with PTSD. Her puppies are lovingly raised in her New England home.

Judy Hickey

Duxbury, MA

About Judy

Judy Hickey started raising what we now call Cobberdogs beginning in 2004. She has accomplished, through selective breeding, passing on the gentle temperaments we loved from the early days. Judy has many dogs working in various therapy and comfort environments including schools, public municipalities, and healthcare facilities, as well as in service roles for disabled adults. Judy is devoted to preserving those qualities, developing a healthy breed going into the future, and giving this wonderful breed an official breed name–the American Cobberdog.

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