The American Cobberdog

Is the American Cobberdog
Right For You?

American Cobberdogs have wonderful qualities and are undeniably beautiful! They have the potential to be amazing companions, and in many cases outstanding therapy dogs. But due to their soft nature, these qualities need to be nurtured carefully.

1. Positive Training Methods

Are you willing to use positive training methods? Punitive or dominance methods can create an American Cobberdog with behavior issues.

2. Patience

Do you understand it takes a lot of work and patience to raise your American Cobberdog puppy? Like all puppies, they go through many stages the first year or two. They nip, jump, poop in the house, pull on the leash, have endless energy, go through fear stages, act like clowns and get into stuff and chew things, to name a few typical puppy behaviors.

3. Acceptance

Are you willing to accept your dog as it is? Though many American Cobberdogs excel at therapy work, not all dogs enjoy being a therapy dog.

4. Socialize

American Cobberdogs are very social creatures and thrive on spending time with their people. They are not a dog to leave outside or at home all day while you work.

5. Grooming

Are you prepared for the grooming needs of your dog? American Cobberdogs need to be groomed every 6-10 weeks depending on the style you like. In between grooming you will need to keep their hair around their eyes trimmed, nails clipped and ears cleaned.

6. Barking

American Cobberdogs are alert barkers and will let you know if there is something lurking outside your door or windows. Barking can be managed, but it will take training.

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