American Cobberdog Breed Standard

General Appearance

The American Cobberdog moves with grace, agility, and athleticism when active yet is compact with substance and a medium boning. Joyful and energetic in movement they are naturally relaxed and attentive when handled. American Cobberdogs have a free-flowing fleece coat that is low to non-shedding. The two variations of the fleece are the wavy fleece and curly fleece. The single coat should not have an undercoat.


The American Cobberdog is naturally social and has a desire for close human companionship. They are biddable and have an aptitude for training. Full of vitality and playfulness they can exhibit clown like behavior when free to run, as well as an intuitive gentleness when handled.


The Standard – 21 to 24 inches
The Medium – 16 to 20 inches
Weight is not the determining factor for size

Height is measured to the top of the shoulder blades (withers) while standing squarely on a level surface.


The head should be moderately broad with eyes set well apart, slightly square and without exaggeration. The head should be fully coated, in proportion to the size of the dog and should flow naturally into a muscular neck.

Skull should be gently rounded, not domed. Muzzle should be more squared than pointy. Nose should be large, of square appearance and fleshy.


The teeth should come together in a scissor bite.


Eyes should be large, expressive and slightly rounded. Eye colors can be brown, golden, amber or shades of hazel. Kind, friendly eyes imparting good temperament, intelligence, intuitiveness and alertness are a hallmark of the breed.


Ears should lay flat against head in proportion with the skull with a slight lift at the base for air flow and set slightly above eye level. Leather should be of medium thickness and should not hang below the lower lip line.


Ideally set below the topline and preferred to be carried in a saber. Though acceptable if held above the topline and curved forward. Curled possum-type tails are undesirable.

Adult Colors

Coat colors with brown pigment (nose, paw pads, eyelids, and gums)
Eyes should be brown or amber:
Café (are born chocolate)
Lavender (are born chocolate)

Coat colors with brown or rose pigment
Eyes should be amber, golden, or hazel:

Coat colors with black pigment
Eyes should be dark brown:

Acceptable patterns:
(Merle is not accepted)