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The American Cobberdog Club

The ACC’s vision is to preserve and develop future generations of the American Cobberdog through registration of breeding dogs and their offspring. Our goal is to continue breeding for consistency in temperament, health and physical attributes.

We developed the American Cobberdog club to be a registry and database for breeders of American Cobberdogs, as well as an educational resource for breeders, pet parents, enthusiasts, and people who work with our breed. We are not associated with the MDBA.

The American Cobberdog

The American Cobberdog is a new breed that fits the AKC definition of a purebred. The breed was developed to fulfill a need for canine companionship and animal-assisted therapy that could be enjoyed by everyone, including people with allergies to dogs.

Through decades of selective and function-based decisions, the American Cobberdog has become an established breed consistent in temperament and physical attributes.

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